Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We were offloaded from the cruise ship (the Navigator of the Seas) into the loving arms of the Custom service; in each line that we'd waited, the officer took a foreign national off to some distant and private room due to what must have been visa issues. Finally, we got out of there, and caught a cab to our hotel, the Bourbon Orleans. Turns out to be half a block from Bourbon Street, and half a block the other way from a parade route.

We caught lunch with Carly, my wife's childhood friend, at NOLA, which just happened to have a reservation available, and it was not unexpectedly delicious. A bookstore across the street offered books from New Orleans' resident authors, and I took advantage of that.

Last night, we watched the parade of Krewe du Vieux; profane and vigorously political. I caught two bead necklaces, and was handed a wooden coin by one of the Krewe members. We were shoved aside at one point by folks rich enough to brush aside the parade to use our hotel for a wedding reception; the buses and limos were flipped off and cursed by the crowd, but the parade continued after the interuption.

Today, we wandered the French Quarter; I love the ironwork. I really feel the history here, moreso than any other US city.

Lunch at the French Market; dinner again at the Green Goddess again...hey, once you've found a place that feeds you well, why not use it? It may be years before we can come back here again.

We leave tomorrow afternoon to return to our home; we have it on good authority that the critters have been well-cared-for, but I'm sure that the beasties will have many complaints about our long absence. Back to work on Tuesday.

Oh, and it appears that Dungeonmaster is changing venue again; we'll have to check out the new place.
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