Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Yesterday opened before dawn: a critically ill patient was admitted to ICU at one hospital, so I was out of the house before I'd normally awaken, and once out, I just kept working. As it turned out, I finished with a bit of time to spare before my duties to my beloved wife, and so I got a bit of lunch in me before joining her.

In the late afternoon, it was time once again for the take-down crew at the Road to California Quilters Show at the Ontario Convention Center. Again, many brilliant pieces of quilting work; if you'd like to see photos of many of them, take a look at my wife's Facebook posts. I got to the event just barely before the exhibit hall closed, and so I got a quick peek at them before we got to work.

Most of the volunteers who forestcats gets to be in the crew have done this several years in a row, and so we worked as a pretty well-oiled machine; it didn't take long before we were out of there. This year we were so efficient that the head of the show gifted the volunteers with a selection of chocolate, huzzah!

When we got home, we continued the process of clearing out material that had stockpiled on the DVR while we were out of town. We're still not caught up, though we're much closer...

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