Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

#14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

I've had quite the week as far as finishing books is concerned. However, not enough time to really sit down and catch up on the list:

First one done was A Storm of Swords, another book of Martin's Game of Thrones, and what a wild ride! I hate to give spoilers in these reviews; I know it would upset me to have surprises ruined, but folks aren't kidding about favorite characters getting killed in this series of books. Wow!

Next, Osprey Elite #14: The British Army in the 1980s, quite the change from the above fiction. Quick read; didn't learn as much as I'd hoped.

Following that, Osprey Elite #75: The Indian Army 1914 - 1947, this one I found quite a bit more interesting.

Then, My Life with Geeks & Freaks by Claudia Christian (Ivanova for the Babylon 5 fans) which is a fluffy, short, biographical book padded out by a lot of fan photos of the actress. Operant word here is "fluff".

Next, Osprey Elite #165: The British Fleet Air Arm in World War II. I've always enjoyed naval history, and the information in this book I found filled in some gaps in my knowledge that I didn't recognize I had. Very good.

Finally, Osprey Fortress #63: The Atlantic Wall (1). Not as interesting as I'd hoped for, it deals with the fixed defenses of the Germans along the coastline facing England.
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