Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

What a day, yesterday was.

We open with packing up the truck with a variety of items for the Dungeonmaster show at the Orccon gaming venue down by LAX. We also brought Sven, the kitten, not for the show, but to have a play date with some of our friends. Sven got dropped off and we headed for the show.

Hunger waylaid us at Togo's though for a quick sandwich. I found my soup very good, the sandwich palatable.

We unloaded the truck and then hiked into the hotel. None of our comrades were around yet (they were still rehearsing at the new venue), so we set ourselves up near the room we were going to show in, and started chatting up folks who might come watch.

Then, forestcats chased me off to go visit the dealer's room, where I proceeded to purchase an item or two. later, that included earrings for my beloved.

As the rehearsal ended, folks started showing up, and our setup base turned into their base camp, from whence they prowled the convention, passing out flyers and inviting folks to come to the show.

When showtime arrived, the room was full; the adventure played out, folks had fun. One of the players had been onstage in the past, nine years ago; when he'd originally played, his father had to sign a permission slip. Wow.

Then, load out, and pick up our kitten from his playdate. Home after midnight. A busy, wonderful day.
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