Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I admit it. After this last week, I'm a bit punchy. I intend to get some rest today. We'll see how intentions work out.

We finished watching some discs from Netflix called Wonders of the Universe; not bad, but the moderator's voice is well-described as soporific. *Sigh*.

We had services this week at the Greene's house; pretty nice. Folks were very relaxed once the religious portion was over, and hung around chatting for a good while.

Sunday is the opening of this season's Dungeonmaster; we're in a new venue called The Vortex. I've yet to be there, but I understand that the space is huge! Should be open to some creative flings we've never had the space to try before; not since the Chicago days at Beacon Street. I can't wait!

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