Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


Dungeonmaster was terrific, last night. There's still some details to work out about the site, but we've acquired the seating from Write Act, and we appear to be about to fix all sound problems, so we're forging ahead. The cast's morale is very high, and there's been people stepping up into roles that they've never had a chance to do before. It's exciting to watch, and to help how I can.

forestcats and I spent a great deal more time helping with takedown; there's SO MUCH!!! However, I can see how my wife's pickup truck makes a big difference. Next show next Sunday. BE THERE!

Over the weekend, I did finally catch up on all stockpiled comic books. I hadn't touched any from the time of the online classes, where all my free time went to keeping up with the lectures and assignments. Even so, I missed a couple of deadlines. I may just audit classes in future; I have even less time now. In any case, Fables finished the storyline that I was disliking, and I found the ending unsatisfying as well. Then, they had a whole issue devoted to another storyline that I didn't care for. But now there's a tale going on that might keep me reading. I'll make a decision in the next release.

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