Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley


I mentioned recently reading a book from a series to which I'd been exposed at WorldCon, written by Alex Bledsoe. At that point, I'd finished the first of the saga, and I was looking forward to the next one.

Well, yesterday I finished reading Burn Me Deadly, the second book, and I'm still intrigued by the series.

The protagonist, Eddie LaCrosse, is a sword for hire. Sometimes mercenary, sometimes guard, sometimes something of a detective. In this one it opens with him offering to protect a woman he meets on the road. He fails in his duty, and seeking vengeance takes up the rest of the book. There's a prince and princess, a dragon cult, an underworld leader, a torturer. It's a page-turner, indeed.

Worth seeking out.

On to book three!

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