Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

It was an on call weekend, and on top of that, due to scheduling issues, we had a Dungeonmaster episode last evening. It meant that we couldn't get to the show particularly early, which probably wasn't that much of an issue, and it meant that when I got there, I was already tired. But I tried to rise to the occasion.

I'm seeing continuing improvement in the cast's work on the show; it went very well. Although there were a few confusing moments, there were scenes (like, say, the wandering star) that were a scream. It looked like the party had great fun with it all, and we had audience join us from our past, who hadn't been to the show in years, and newer folk who we'd attracted from the convention show. It felt good!

Now, I have shifted work around so that we can attend first Seder at my sister's tonight...I have to get out there and do the work quickly and get back here so we can get on the road before traffic completely screws up the drive.

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