Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We have a guest in town for the weekend, and he wanted to have us join him in several theatrical evenings. Unfortunately, I'm on call, and getting someone to cover the beeper for a few hours is very hard. I managed to arrange with someone for tonight, but not yesterday, so I missed the early fun.

OTOH, I can go out to dinner, as long as my compatriots understand that I have to respond to any calls. So...we went to Animal for a late seating. The place serves tapas-style, so there's lots of little plates. We had nine between the three of us, and then two desserts. Let us say, WOW. Really good flavors. Jumping into memory right this second was the duck breast and the charred octopus. Terrific place.

On the way home, the interchange between I-10 and the 60 was closed, and we were forced onto I-5 South; got practically to Disneyland before I could turn around and come back. Ack!

Still coughing...
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