Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

After working hard and fast, yesterday, I got home in enough time to get a little rest before turning over the beeper for a few hours. Then, my spouse and I met mr_curmudgeon at The Largo to catch the latest installment of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. It's a sendup of old-time radio shows and commercials; it's got a faithful audience, and the cast all seem to be able to manipulate their voices to take on a multitude of characters. Lots of guest parts, too. It was a fun evening.

Grabbed a bite at Norm's on the way home, just because I really didn't get much of anything to eat all day.

And so we move on. I got enough done yesterday to leave me with only a small amount today so we can get to Dungeonmaster. I hope I see many of you there!
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