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Over the last few days, I finished a few more books.

First was Industry Talk: An Insider’s Look at Writing RPGs and Editing Anthologies, by Jennifer Brozek. Many years ago, I worked with three different gaming companies and wrote a variety of things for them; I read this book just for the fun of it to see how I did compared to what she suggested. Apparently, I did well, considering that it was in a time before the Internet. If you have any interest in breaking into this type of work, the book is probably worth looking into.

Second was Baptism of Fire, a Babylon 5 novel by Claudia Christian, the woman who played Ivanova in the show. The book deals with the period of time in the show's universe right after Ivanova leaves the station and returns to Earthforce. It also ties in one of the standalone movies in a very reasonable fashion. It's worth reading, for a fan, in the same way the series of novels that dealt with the PsiWar, the Centauris, and so forth. Surprisingly good.

Third was Osprey Fortress #4: American Defenses of Corregidor and Manila Bay 1898 – 1945. US forces were driven out of the Philippines after the Japanese invasion, holding out on islands in Manila Bay that were fortified. However, these forts couldn't hold out forever, even when getting some supplies via submarine. This book discusses the fortifications. I found it moderately interesting.
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