Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

So, after being so exhausted that I was napping in my car in hospital parking lots on Thursday, by yesterday I actually had some energy, and we had things that had to get done.

Out moderately early, we stopped at the grocery store to do a few things; next door was Staples, and I could get some things I needed for work.

Gas up the truck, next.

Then we were on our way...for about four miles, and then Al called us desperately needing halters for his horses going to auction. So we turned around, and arrived home again just a moment before he did. forestcats got him the halters, and then tacked up the horses for him, and then he was off, and then I noticed that another of my car's tires was flat! I thought Al had taken care of that, but now we're stuck. Sometime today I'm getting some help to put on the spare again, and Tuesday I'm back at Al's shop for another pair of tires. Feh.

Finally on the road, we drove to La Crescenta, to Harmony Farms were we annually stock up on exotic meats for our spring event. This year's new addition? Crocodile. We even got the meat for the Iron Chef competition! What is it, you ask? Not telling...

From there, we drove over to my Mom's. We all went out for a late lunch, and after that I made sure she got the medicine her doctor had prescribed her. Hopefully, she'll take it.

From there, home; however, I'm covering one of the hospitals (no choice) as well as the beeper, and so in the evening we went out again to that hospital so I could round on the patient. As we were leaving Kindred Hospital Rancho, my beloved asked where the ice cream parlor was. She'd heard tales of how I used to go to Farrell's when I was young, and that Farrell's had started a resurgence. See, in the 80s, they'd expanded into 130 sites, but the company was failing, and by the 90s they were down to only one. A couple of years back, they started a come-back under new management, and they're up to five stores, one of which is in Rancho Cucamonga. So, we stopped for some dessert. The place is much bigger than the one I'd first visited in the late 60s in Woodland Hills, but the feel is similar. The quality of the ice cream doesn't match the high-end places, but the restaurant was filled with families with young kids and teens on dates, and I think it still has its place.

Home, then, to bed. Whew! And this is supposed to be resting?

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