Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

The Spring Season of Dungeonmaster has ended with last night's show, though there's a planned five to seven additional shows scattered through the next four months including two at the gaming convention next weekend down by LAX. I'll post more about that in the next couple of days. There's also a show planned for June 8th, as a bachelor party, but we'll still be having folks in for the audience. A Classic DM episode is planned for later in the summer, where a script from ten to twelve years ago will be reworked and repeated, and there's to be a fan-written episode; folks will write one scene, and our editors will put them all together in a show. It all should be great fun.

As to last night, nobody became a Guardian of the Flame, the highest honor to those who defend the Light, but one of the five became a Keeper of Shadow, while another became a Herald of Chaos. Congratulations to all for the recognition of the audiences, and to the brilliant show last night.

And now to work...

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