Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I kept busy in the morning, yesterday, doing a variety of odds and ends that I haven't had time for during the last few months; among them was repairing the mailbox, doing a bit of laundry, and some straightening chores. In all, it felt like a good day.

Then we were off to Gamex, to help with Dungeonmaster. I will say that the show was well-attended, and that the players, a couple of whom were children, had a great time. One of the players was the Guest of Honor of the convention, and he'd played in the original show back in the Chicago days, so he reprised one of his characters of the day, Silversoul the Robust, a Guardian of the Flame. Wow! Great fun for cast, crew, audience, and players. We're going to do a new show tonight at 9PM, too, so I have to get myself together and we'll be off for the show in a couple of hours.
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