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May 27th, 2013

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09:44 am
We returned to Gamex yesterday to help Dungeonmaster put on their second show. This one was even better attended than the first; forestcats had to pull in chairs from outside the room! The audience clearly enjoyed the show as much or more than the previous night and all was laughter and merriment!

It was especially nice to have Dan Sandoval back from China to moderate ("God") for the episodes. He added creative twists at appropriate moments. Also, Chris came back to play a Drow (for the uninitiated, an evil elf).

And then, this morning, I allowed myself the luxury of actually sleeping until I woke! I do that perhaps twice a year, so celebrate!

In another note, momentarily I will be calling my youngest sister to wish her a pleasant natal anniversary. I know, how odd for me...

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