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May 28th, 2013

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07:35 am
We did some exploring, yesterday, in downtown LA; mostly Spring Street. I loaded up several boxes of books to sell, and we went to The Last Bookstore. The bookseller was polite enough, I guess, but he seemed surprised that we had anything he'd want to buy. Wandering the shop, they have what they call the Labyrinth; bookshelves upstairs filled with $1 books, in no particular order. I have to say that although I found a book I'd never heard of before, I just didn't care for the place all that much. Throw in the fact that parking is a premium, and it's not worth going there for me. Now, for the folks that live in the area, it might be a different matter...

Anyway, once we'd finished our business at the bookshop, we went wandering to find some lunch. One place that we'd heard much about was only a few feet away, but they don't serve until dinnertime, and we weren't planning on being there that long. So we took something of a long walk, and went to Umamicatessen (sp?), one of the restaurants owned by the guys that brought LA Umami Burger. The food was very good!

From thence, homewards, to collapse and nap. When I awoke, my wife was napping as well, and from there we lazed the rest of the day, petting cats and dogs and taking it easy to finish our long weekend. Not bad...

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We did some exploring, yesterday, in downtown LA; mostly Spring… - This ain't no party, this ain't no disco... — LiveJournal

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