Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Odd day, yesterday.

Our original intent was for me to run my Rolemaster game, but we were forced to truncate the available time, because Dungeonmaster had received a contract from guys throwing a bachelor party, and so we had to cut short the playing time. Four people were expected, two showed up, and it was too few to run anything successfully. Maybe some other time; hopefully fairly soon.

Instead, we four played Cards Against Humanity. Some of the card responses were so good, my wife posted them on FB! Naughty, funny game. Not a bad way to save the day.

We then went to Dungeonmaster. The groom, and four members of the eighteen in his bachelor party went onstage, and they were supported by one of our regulars. The show was, let us say "bachelor-party-themed". There were some delightfully funny scenes, and although none of the five folks from the impending nuptials had ever seen the show before, let alone played, they did very well. The quest succeeded, the groom was applauded, and everyone had a good time.

Following the clean-up, we needed calories, and we found a Farmer Boy's not far from the show that's open 24 hours a day, thank goodness. A sandwich and a root beer float eased the need for feed.

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