Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

We're supposed to be having a weekend with nothing to do.


Last night, we were invited to a birthday party for two friends, timmy_ritz and axelicious, at a dive bar in Studio City called Maeve's Residuals (whatever that's supposed to mean), an Irish-style pub. Lots of seating, fairly big bar, dartboards. One fellow brought his karaoke rig, and the birthday boys arranged for someone (Stouty, actually) to build a wheel of fortune upon which they posted random songs. Several times during the night, folks voluntarily spun the wheel, and had to sing whatever came up. The celebrants had a terrific time, and for once in my life, we closed a bar.

I slept late. I don't do that.

Then we got a text message from other friends; they were out looking at used cars from our mechanic, so we joined them as they picked something out, and took them to a Vegan place in Rancho Cucamonga that I didn't even know existed. Pretty good food, attached to a Vegan grocery store. Apparently they are about to expand into LA proper, which delighted our friend.

And this is supposed to be a RESTFUL weekend, doing a lot of NOTHING!!!

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