Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

You know, when I have to sit around waiting for specialists to return phone calls about patients, I have lots of time to read books. However, I did spend some time before going to sleep to get through the last dozen pages of one book, just because I couldn't go to sleep without finishing it.

So, there's three to report:

First was Lost on Planet China: Or How I Learned to Love Live Squid. As I mentioned, I recently finished a book by a Peace Corps volunteer about his time in China; that book I liked a lot, and learned from. This book? I learned a bit, yes; heck, there's a section that emulates a recent TV travelogue by Anthony Bourdain, so I had a mental picture of what he described. However, I just didn't care for the author's attitude, and his flippancy. I guess I'd give this book a C-.

Next was Osprey Men-at-Arms #355: Wellington’s Belgian Allies 1815. This really deals with the final campaign of Napoleon, culminating in Waterloo, thus it deals with that major battle from a slightly different viewpoint. Pretty solid.

Finally, there was Osprey Men-at-Arms #361: Axis Cavalry in World War II. In a war famed for the technologies deployed by all combatants, but especially the German forces, it's strange to see that they still had cavalry units, when history I've read suggests that WWI was the end of cavalry as a force on the battlefield. I found this one thought-provoking.
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