Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I was out and running very early (for me, or at least for me lately), and managed to get all my work done in a very timely fashion, yesterday. I got home early enough to relax a bit before changing clothes.

Let me say that the shopping expedition that forestcats and I went on recently was successful. She looked wonderful in her outfit.

Off we go to the wedding; we arrived ON TIME, by 4PM. I was flummoxed because the room we were in was mostly empty of folks, but heavily stocked with food. We waited, and waited. In the meantime, several of our friends arrived, including my buddy Steve with two of his sons, in from Boston; Randy and Hettie and her daughter. Soon, Abe, the groom's father came up to greet us. Finally, nearly an hour after we arrived, they started some of the various activities that lead to a Jewish marriage.

Then we moved into the synagogue where all the trappings were in place. A string quartet played. There's a long staircase in the back, and the bride made her entrance, and of course she looked stunning. At long last, the two of them were up front, and the rabbi starts in on a LONG speech.

So? What then?

The groom faints. Yes.

After he has some air, and they removed his coat and tie, he tries to get up again. The rabbi tries to restart his interminable speech. And the groom faints again! Finally, they get a chair. He's helped up into it...and FAINTS ANOTHER TIME!!! At this point someone (possibly the bride's father) tells the rabbi to cut it out and get to the prayers, which he does. The bride handles the disturbance with an admirable equanimity, and to top it off, instead of the groom breaking the glass, she does! Mazel tov!

However, we had to scoot to do our thing at a stand-alone Dungeonmaster episode, and so we missed out on hanging at the reception table; we were supposed to be seated with several of our friends, and so that was a little disappointing. We did manage to get to the show with time to spare before they opened the gate. Folks gave us a little hard time about being dressed up as we were, but it was actually kind of amusing.

The show was good; plenty of new folks who seemed to have a good time. We tried to go to Farmer Boy's afterwards, but they were closed for a deep cleaning, and so it was back home and collapse.

I'm going to try to get together with Steve and his kids before they go back to Boston; we'll see if it works out.

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