Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

In the wake of the weekend's wedding, I rushed to finish the necessary work yesterday so that we could drive into Santa Monica to meet up with my friend Steve, his sons, and the groom's father, Abe. It was nice to hang with them, having a dinner at Umami Burger on 5th, south of Broadway. Good food. We wandered a bit, and when the time difference started to affect them, we bid farewell and headed east.

The evening was still young, so we stopped in Glendale to spend a couple of hours at Ground Control, a long-running karaoke event, put on by Dungeonmaster's sound master, Andrew. The bar (Complex) is pretty nice; the drink slinger makes some pretty solid things, and their selection of unusual tipples is sufficiently eclectic to make it worth a stop. I don't karaoke, or at least very rarely, but from our seats I sang along with a few pieces. There were familiar faces there, and a very cool atmosphere.

Then home.

Today is going to be really long; I haven't even gotten moving yet and I'm up to three new admissions. Heigh ho!

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