Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I got ouf of the house for work on time, yesterday, but there was a severe traffic jam on the freeway, so it took three times as long to get there than it normally would. Then, the wifi crashed; IT came out and it turned out that the cables had frayed up against ductwork, so it was replaced, and finally I could work.

I did stop at home to feed the barnyard crew, and placate brushette, but then out again to finish the last hospital.

My work day ended at nearly 10PM. Ack.

To unwind, I streamed Capote. A quiet film but intended to be emotional. It deals with the famed author writing In Cold Blood, a generally acclaimed masterwork, and one I haven't read.

so presently, I have a beagle gently snoring at my feet, and I have hospitals to get to, so off to my ablutions...

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