Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Our visit with friends continued yesterday, and as it was Patrick's birthday, we did as he wanted. Although they've lived in the area for a while, they had yet to do any winery tastings, so we went to three places, with a stop for lunch. It meant driving back into the area we'd visited the previous day, which was a bit onerous, but we managed. The first place, and best, IMHO, was Hye Meadow Winery; they've only had the tasting room for four weeks but I was impressed with what we tasted, especially the Junkyard Red. A mix of what they had left over after they'd made other wines, it turns out to be a perfect BBQ wine, just what Texas needs! We also went to Gray Creek and Pedernales; they both had highfalutin' tasting rooms, and some good wines, but much higher prices. Hye Meadow was friendlier, and good value in their wines.

Back, we had in BBQ for Pat's birthday dinner; Minette baked him a cake. Very nice.

After dinner, we played Discworld Ankh-Morpork, a board game I've never seen before...and I won. How dare I not let the birthday boy win!

One more day in Austin today, and then we'll return to San Antonio to catch a plane.

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