Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Our sojourn in Texas is completed, and we returned home last night. We wandered Austin a little bit more before heading south to San Antonio; found a book at a used book store that one of our friends has been seeking, then stopped at a cheese shop (in their Hyde Park district, of course) that had some very good things. forestcats and one of the sellers had a really good discussion about cheesemaking, and the whole experience was very enjoyable.

The drive back to the airport went fairly quickly, with only one traffic jam about eight miles short of our exit. Going through TSA was surprisingly easy, too.

Once home, the pets were delighted. They were also fatter. Especially the greedy beagle, brushette.

Resting, we worked through some of the stacked up shows on the DVR, and then to bed.

Dungeonmaster's new season starts tomorrow!
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