Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

I hurried through my work, yesterday, so as to be able to get to Dungeonmaster in good time. Our hospital census is much lower, presently, so we got a chance to get some late lunch en route, and stopped for sushi. Tetsu, in Rowland Heights, previously gave us pretty good quality, but not this time. Hunger slaked, but not very tasty.

The show went pretty well. The audience was often very amused, and I think that the players had fun.

We were too bushed to stay out for a late dinner, so headed home right afterwards. I missed out on my wife and Stouty breaking into one of the cast member's car because she locked her keys in it, but they did manage, and keys were successfully retrieved, huzzah! mr_curmudgeon is presently heading for LAX to catch his flight back to the Windy City.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled work...

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