Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

Lots of work, yesterday, but I did manage to get home moderately early. At least the sun was still up.

Anyway, since I was on call, and my wife wanted to go to the theater for an event, I hung out at home while she went with a friend. This left me streaming from Netflix a film that I didn't expect her to want to watch. I decided on The Sand Pebbles, a Steve McQueen film about a fictional ship in the US Navy's Asiatic Fleet. Back in the day (heck, that's nearly a century ago???), the US, Japan, and the European Powers had a number of gunboats that plied the rivers of China and forced their governments' policies on the Chinese. No wonder there's still evidence of resentment and distrust in their foreign affairs. Anyway, I found the movie a bit tedious (just under three hours), and a real downer at the end. No happy endings to this one! At the time this was released, we'd yet to have significant relations with the Communist government of China; also, by 1966, we had a great deal more involvement in Vietnam, so this movie more than hinted that we should stay out of Asia. Nowadays, with us having good relations with most of Asia, it seems so dated.
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