Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

My associate was away at a conference, so I covered for him on Saturday. Sunday, however, was relatively free.

There was laundry.

There was a Native American arts fair at the Gene Autry Museum. Oddly enough, it took as long to get from our house to the off ramp as it did to get from the off ramp to a parking space. Anyway, there were some exquisite pieces on display, and forestcats made a connection with a Navajo quilter. Very nice stuff.

Home again, I burned through some of our Netflix discs, as well as the streaming queue. First was Moonrise Kingdom which was quirky and amusing. Very understated. I liked it. Next was Europa Report, a film about the first manned flight to one of Jupiter's moons. Brilliantly shot, apparently on a relative shoestring. I found it a terrific piece of work.

brushette is being nursed back to health; her leg recently repaired with surgery is less swollen; it's hard to tell if she's pain-free, but she's being kept confined while she continues to recover. I carry her thither and yon when required (for, say, her constitutionals).

And, once again tonight, I'll be on call.

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