Bill Paley (mycroftca) wrote,
Bill Paley

What a day, yesterday!

After our typical morning chores, forestcats and I went to a planning meeting for the Road to California Quilt Show. She's in charge of the takedown crew and I act as her second-in-command, though she really doesn't need me in that post. In any case, the showrunners reviewed a number of the changes for the upcoming show, next month, and various details were worked out.

After a quick stop at the grocery store, the den/kitchen cleaning started, right in the midst of cooking and baking. I helped a wee bit with the goulash, cutting up the meat, and we both did a vast amount of cleaning to get all the baking gear packed away.

At almost exactly four PM, the first of the guests began to arrive, soon to swell the room's population to about 25. When everyone expected had joined us, we started in on the pot luck, and yes, I did eat. Amongst the crowd were two little boys, the official tasters of the cookies!

Once fed, we set up extra table space, and then laid out all the cookies. Each person told stories, tales, lies or prevarications about the cookies in front of them, which was very amusing, and then we started the procession, each person in line taking a few from each plate and adding it to their box, until the plate they'd brought was empty. Most folks then packed up their stuff, gave everyone hugs, and called it an evening.

OTOH, axelicious commented that his favorite holiday movie was Scrooged with Bill Murray, a sentiment with which I agree, and it turns out that several of our friends had never seen the film. I pulled out a DVD, and we spent the next couple hours, couch filled with our good friends, enjoying it! I always intend to play the film every holiday season, and rarely find the time, so it was especially sweet to put it on for our friends.

Today: laundry.
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