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December 15th, 2013

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08:48 am
Sven, the young red cat, is a prowler; he wanders our yard with impunity, going in and out of the dog door in the kitchen. Yesterday morning, he wanted to share a trophy with us. My wife was still asleep, and I headed him off to keep him from dropping his catch on her. What was he parading around the house with? He had a sparrow in his jaws that was half his size!

Lots of work yesterday, and I got home by about six; forestcats showed up with some tasty fast food from Wendy's, and we went to the cast party for Dungeonmaster. It was held at the home of Cary Kingdom, one of the actors/writers for the show, and barring getting a drink showered over me, I had a good time. The place is equipped with a ball pit. Huh. A ball pit. Having never experienced one in my youth, I found this an odd item to add to one's living arrangements. A sign over it instructed those diving in to divest themselves of shoes and anything in pockets as it tended to eat keys and wallets and whatnot; my pockets are always stuffed with items so I chose not to participate, aside from helping to shovel the balls that escaped back into play. Very strange...

Another big day today of work, so I'll be off...

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