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January 5th, 2014

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08:58 am - #4, 5
What with one thing or another, I finished a couple more books yesterday.

First was Osprey Raid #11: Pegasus Bridge: Benouville D-Day 1944, a story of a small part of the whole invasion of Normandy. This particular set of bridges were sited behind two of the British beachheads, and were taken by glider infantry landing practically on top of them. The bridges needed to be taken and held to keep the troops from being bottled up too close to the beach. Nicely done piece of work.

The second was Osprey Raid #13: The Bruneval Raid: Operation Biting 1942. It tells the tale of a specific commando raid on a German radar station, so that the British could investigate the Nazi's radar capabilities, and possibly make use of them within their own systems. Not a bad read.

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