December 20th, 2002

Dead Dog Cat


Tired. I hate being woken up (at least, mildly) for my work, but I hate much worse being woken to no good effect. An ER called with a patient who was at best borderline, in the hopes that they could dump it on me by transferring to a different hospital. You see, this hospital no longer accepts MediCal, and when faced with a patient in the Emergency Room who needs to be admitted, they try very hard to transfer the patient away. In this case (being woken at 0105 hours today) they had a borderline patient with mild asthma trouble who they were saying needed hospitalization. Usually, if they are that bad, they need to go in right there, but this doctor was telling me that the patient could be sent out. I instructed him to have his Case Manager on duty to check around, and I insisted on finding out if the patient's MediCal were Emergency only, or if it were full MediCal. If Emergency only, transferring the patient would inactivate the insurance, meaning the accepting hospital wouldn't get paid. About an hour later, I got a call telling me that the patient couldn't go anywhere, and was admitted to the oncall physician there. I'm willing to bet that the insurance wouldn't permit the transfer.

Thus, lack of sleep, a day's work ahead, and barely moving, I type onward.
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