December 27th, 2002

Dead Dog Cat

off you go

So, with a weekend of work ahead of me, I wave a fond farewell to my spouse, who will be off to visit her parents in Las Vegas. She's taking the two Australian Shepherds with her, leaving me to deal with the cats, the horses (less so, as they won't require care for a couple of days), and the beagle, who will likely behave depressed at her lack of packmates. Me and the beagle both, I guess.

I need to set my sights ahead to New Years, for the next really fun event. Just a few more days off.
Dead Dog Cat


Damn, I so want to type this out but I'm so angry I can't even get it out onto the screen. Let's just say that this isn't a good day and leave it at that....hopefully I'll be able to release this anger before some poor nurse calls and sets me off..........
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