January 3rd, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

about time

Haven't had time to sit with the Journal and catch up to my new friends' entries, let alone post my own. The last few days of the month were at best frenzied at work, as any facilities that we hadn't visited got their visits in, and then the explosive relaxation of the New Year's parties. Now, a new month dawns, and loads of work regenerate, and it's time to strike while the iron is hot (or, to put it another way, 15 minutes of rest and back to the grind).

The New Year's parties were very cool. Hanging with friends new and old; crashing on the floor instead of trying to struggle 50 miles home; chatting, drinking, playing charades/whatever it was/....drinking that Sangria that my beloved spouse decided to experiment with (with great success and relish). The midnight fireworks over the marina in Marina Del Rey were very cool, and helped drown out any gunfire...

And then there was the Rose Parade. I do find myself watching just to see Raul Rodriquez standing on one of the floats his company (Fiesta Floats) makes, simply because his father had been one of my patients. Mr. Rodriguez was on the front of the Ontario, CA float, wearing an Hispanic tux, with a red macaw on his shoulder. His company built 19 of the floats. Just makes me feel a part of the community somehow.

All in all, a nice start to the new year. Still, I can't wait for the weekend...more sleep!
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Dead Dog Cat


Forgot to mention that on New Year's Day, I finished a new book by Bernard Cornwell called Vagabond. This is the second book of a series which is set in Europe after the battle of Crecy. The protagonist's father, murdered in book one (Harlequin in British edition, The Archer (I think) in American), apparently had the Holy Grail, and has left his son to the Grail Quest. In book one, he searched for St. George's Lance. Somehow, I find myself less engaged with this series than I did with the Sharpe series of novels or with the American Civil War set. The author has been skipping around quite a bit lately, ranging from the era of Arthur, to the era of Stonehenge's construction. I still will be reading his work, but I may have to wait for pb in the future.
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