January 8th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

long time no see

Sometimes there just isn't time to sit down at the computer, and the last few days have been like that. Just managed to keep up with the incoming messages, and I haven't been able to journal at all.

Friday night my wife and I got away to see the Harry Potter film again, and followed that up with Maid in Manhattan (less believable than Pretty Woman, and isn't that saying something). The Potter films leave with heavily imbued with "feel good", and I do enjoy them on that basis. Can't wait for the next book, let alone the next film.

Saturday we visited the LA County Museum of Natural History, mainly to catch the Dogs exhibit. The exhibition was intended for a much younger audience, and though it contained a lot of good material, it wasn't really meant for folks who've been through dogs like we have, learning as we go. Other standing exhibits were interesting, such as the map of the old light rail lines that parallel what are now freeways.

Sunday we spent the morning at a cousin's of mine, newly moved into a 1911 Craftsman home in Pomona....well built, well appointed and a nice morning hanging out with extended family. We followed that up by driving to the Skirball Cultural Center to catch the last day (FREE!) of the Maurice Sendak exhibit. While we were there, I found the gift my father had given the center of items from my grandfather's pharmacy, which were placed in a continuing exhibit on the professions that Jews went into on arrival in the US. Among the items was a photo of my Dad, age 11?, sitting on a bicycle in front of the pharmacy. Cool! Afterwards we dropped in to Liz & Mike with food, and Bridget cooked up a Thai-styled meal.

Sunday I also finished a book by Alan Furst called The Polish Officer, a spy thriller set in WWII, about a Pole attempting to do whatever he could to mess with the Germans. Pretty good read...and I'll be reading a number of books by the same author in the next several weeks.
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