January 13th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

it's Monday

I find it hard to get back into the work thing now. I'm sitting in a small cafeteria equipped with TV, and a computer, while waiting for the food to be laid out. Tons of work waits for me, but I'm having trouble getting started.

The weekend included watching three DVDs, XXX, K19: The Widowmaker, and some item from the Michigan Upper Peninsula whose name I've already forgotten, and the less said about that one, the better. XXX is an updated James Bond, using Gen Xers, with spectacular effects and stunts. I understand one stuntman died in the filming. K19 is apparently generally historically accurate. It's depressing in the same way that Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan, and Stalingrad, and Das Boot are; especially since they each are based on historical events. Worth seeing, though.

Had a party with the intention of plotting the return of the play Dungeonmaster, and it went better than I had expected. About 10-12 folks attended, and with my spouse's birthday in the offing we opened and shared a bottle of 1963 port, that now prices at $250 if you can find it. Delicious, and wonderful sharing it with folks. Anyway, we reached Bruce A. Young, the creator of Dungeonmaster, and discussed options about what might be done, including finding a new and hopefully cheaper venue, and raising money. I think this might just be doable, and I look forward to it. TheFreak helped us by finding someone in the know to try to help work up a business plan in the hopes of starting something that will be self-perpetuating. I feel hopeful.

Sunday Brunch was with my family, in celebration of Bridget's impending birthday. My 7-year-old nephew rushed up to sit next to me, and we had a great interaction together. Bridget was very happy, and a bit tearful at it all. We had it at the Cheesecake Factory in Pasadena (on Colorado Blvd....along which the Rose Parade passes), but I have to admit that I'm getting a bit tired of chain restaurants of any stripe. Still, it was fun, my wife enjoyed herself, and to be honest, that is all that matters.

If only I didn't have to go back to work.................
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