January 17th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

further adventures

Haven't had a chance to post since spouse's birthday:

Took my beloved to the Department of Motor Vehicles for starters, but we didn't let that trouble the day. From there, we tooled over to the Gene Autry Museum in Griffith Park, and enjoyed several displays including one that ends soon about Jews in the Wild West. Lunch at the museum cafeteria, then over to Travel Town to get a load of a number of donated trains. Then to Santa Monica beach, near the pier, for sunset, and a ride on the ferris wheel at the pier.

Dinner that night with Liz & Mike at the Great Greek in Sherman Oaks, followed by dropping a few bucks at an arcade, and then home. Busy, fun, playful and a little bit romantic. Not perfect, unfortunately, but nice to have taken the day off to do it all.

Wednesday, after work I was a zombie. Watched the DVD of The Brotherhood of the Wolf. Bridget preferred that we watch dubbed in English rather than French with English subtitles. I thought the film was beautifully shot, and an interesting story. The deleted scenes, though, definitely deserved to stay deleted.

Last night, oncall, watched Blade II on DVD...not bad for an action film.
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