January 20th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

what a weekend

Fighting off a sinus infection.

Friday night/Saturday morning was a "guys night out", while Forestcats went to a "ladies night out" in the SF Valley. I'm not supposed to discuss what we did (why not?), but it was generally enjoyable.

Friday I finished an Alan Furst novel about France early in the German occupation of WWII called "The World At Night", which initially I was going to say I didn't care for due to the ambiguous ending, but starting his next book "Red Gold", I found the same character had survived, so I withhold judgement.

I also finished yet a third novel by Rick Shelley (deceased) called Spec Ops Squad: Sucker Punch. I suspect that these three have been ghost written, though there isn't a clear indicator who wrote them. The way this one ended suggests that the series is over, without the war described ending.
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