January 23rd, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

another day darkens

I'm jazzed about the progress on getting the play Dungeonmaster a new venue, and some gigs at local gaming conventions, but I'm too tired to celebrate. I will just have to rise to the occasion this weekend and be jovial, jocular and jolly.

Managed to finish another novel by Alan Furst; this one is called Red Gold, and is a follow on to The World At Night. The story takes place in German-occupied France of WWII, and the protagonist is floating about, avoiding the Gestapo and falling into the hands of the Resistance as it tries to build itself into a functional, effective force. Better than the first novel, but the protagonist reminds me a bit of Forrest Gump, but somewhat more intelligent.

Can't wait for Saturday, and the upcoming Dungeonmaster episode at Magicopolis in Santa Monica....
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