January 28th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

what a weekend

Didn't have time to update the last few days. I worked a bit on both Sturday and Sunday, helping out the fellow oncall, though I really didn't have the time to do it, and that is because I was so busy with Dungeonmaster both days. What a weekend, and I really mean that.

Backing up a bit, Friday: I finished Kingdom of Shadows, another Alan Furst spy novel of the early years of WWII, this novel following a Hungarian noble and his actions in the last few years of "peace" just prior to the breakout of war. This book I found to be more interesting than the ones following the Frenchman that I wrote about last week, in that this gentleman actively pursues what he feels is right, while the Frenchman in Red Gold is forced into action. Perhaps this indicates the author's feeling about Frenchmen in general? In any case, I found this novel a quite interesting read, and have moved on to the next book (latest book) by the author, which continues to follow one of the minor characters of Kingdom of Shadows.

Then, Saturday. After work, we loaded up and headed to Santa Monica, to participate in Dungeonmaster's last show at Magicopolis. Before the show, a meeting had been called for the cast/crew and the audience members who refuse to let the play just die. We had a good meeting, covering most of the topics necessary, and chose appropriate folks to take on the various duties that we'll need to keep things going. I ran the meeting, Bridget took notes, Leah watched the time, and Bruce acknowledged the creative duties, as becomes the show's heart and creator. The meeting broke up in time for the cast/crew to get to Magicopolis where we found people already gathering for the show. The number of attendees was heartening, especially as Liz produced a handout which we gave to each member of the audience that specified where the next three episodes would be held.

The show itself went famously well, with a number of volunteers run through the show, and it was loads of fun. I will spend a little time in the next few days to journal here about what the activity is like, but for now, it was great.

Afterwards, several members of the cast and audience posed for videos and photos for the website and a future CD commercial to use to book convention appearances. Then it was off to Denny's with a total of 16 people at the table, and we had a birthday cake for Bridget, brought by Suki!

Sunday, back to SM to help strike DM, and load up all the props and costumes and special effects gear. Went well, though it took a while, and we ended up taking home about half of it all, to be brought back later.

I was oncall last night....still haven't recovered from that.

Anyway, more about the mechanics of Dungeonmaster at the next time I can post.
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