February 7th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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Let's see. As is fairly typical, I don't have much energy in the week following a weekend oncall. I watched the Scrooged DVD last night to find myself once again caught up in it (I love the Ballbreaker Suite scene). I also finished another book yesterday: by Susan R. Matthews, Hour of Judgement...again, a book about a futuristic torturer in a fairly vile society. I guess the latest two books by her cover the same area, but I'm reading her works in chronological order, so I'll get to them in a few weeks.

I've been out to work moderately late into the evening, so I haven't been able to be much help to Forestcats (Bridget) with her parents. She seems relieved now that they are gone, and the destruction wrought upon the downstairs bathroom has been modified to a new toilet that functions, and a new floor covering. Cool enough, but what a week to get that far.

Gaming tomorrow! The World of the Three Moons will be up and running again, if only for a little while. Bridget's character leveled up at the last game, but she and I will have to sit down and do it. We also want to go see Shanghai Knights tonight...while her parents were here, she went out and bought the DVD to show them, and it was apparently a popular choice.
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