February 11th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

a late weekend entry

So, last Friday night Bridget and I went out to see Shanghai Knights, followed by food from Tommies (where all burgers automatically get chili as a topping). I liked Shanghai Knights, and didn't find myself irritated by the anachronisms...the film is intended to be silly and funny and generally enjoyable. I am satisfied with these two films, and I don't insist on any more in this series. On the other hand, I'm interested in seeing Jackie Chan in Around the World in Eighty Days, which I heard a vague rumor about.

On Saturday, I had several people adventure in my Rolemaster World The World of Three Moons. (Bridget, Liz, Mike A., Nikko (sp?), Bill H., Rich & Ricky Rapp). The gang gathered around 11-12 and we started playing. Bridget has a character she's inherited that she's having a great time playing; an elf Mystic who was freed from slavery/detention/larder of a group of orcs (or was it goblins?). The party agreed to guard a small gypsy caravan, to bring the dying King of the Gypsies to the place of his death. Without getting into too much description, Mike A.'s character ended up as the new King...

Sunday, Bridget came out to work with me, and we were out and about for 11 hours with patient visits and with billing at one of the hospitals. Kind of her, and I appreciate her help.

In the meantime, LA is the recipient of rain today; not a problem for me, much, but its causing massive traffic snarls here.
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Dead Dog Cat

oops, forgot

Oh, yeah, last night, bored with TV, I went into the other room and watched A Bridge Too Far on DVD. Seems pretty well documented, and some scenes are classic, like Robert Redford praying in the boats crossing the river.