February 17th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

Wow, what a weekend

As the week worked up to the weekend, I delved deeply into DVDs, watching Destination Moon, and a couple of Babylon 5 first season episodes. Chewing my fingers to the bone, mentally.

Why, you might ask?

Dungeonmaster was going to have two shows at the local gaming convention, OrcCon, near LAX. Bruce had said right along that the best support of the original show came from gamers, but there hadn't been much gamer attendance at Santa Monica. Where could we get some attention from the gaming community? LA has 4 local conventions, essentially quarterly, so now, finally, Bridget had managed to contact the right people, and we were assigned a meeting room to use for the play. There was a last minute flurry as one of the friends of the con came to the DM show in January, and he tried to get us a much larger room, but that attempt was kiboshed.

Saturday started out questionably by tardiness in our carpool. However, we got to the room, signed in, and had our necessary meetings with little difficulty. Bridget, unsatisfied with the number of available seats, rustled up some more, and the hotel gave us another 15 or so. In addition, Bridget shanghaied two rolling beds (in an upright position) to act as screens behind which the cast could quickchange costumes. In a few hours, after Liz, Bridget and Leah passed out dozens of flyers, we managed to attract a fair number of folks. About 6 regular Dungeonmaster patrons appeared, and we had 31 new folks (in 54 seats that we had in the meeting room). Not bad.

Sunday, Bridget was convinced that we would have noone to play to. Again, Leah and Bridget went out scaring up players. Now here's the really great news: We had about 5 regulars; about 10 repeat folks from Saturday's play, and most of those folks brought friends. Then, to top it off, we filled the space in all but 4 of our 54 seats. I can't even begin to type how great that felt. I think we've finally found the right audience for this play, and we can but hope that the locals will come and join us on Friday.

All in all, a good weekend's work!
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