February 20th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

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A few days ago, I finished a Susan R. Matthews novel called Avalanche Soldier, which is stuffed with Jesus imagery. I could barely finish the book, and wasn't exactly satisfied with the ending. Then, I started one by the same author called Colony Fleet....and dumped it. I'm really uncertain if I want to try to finish the last two books by this author, though I more or less enjoyed the first three books of its series.

Can't believe that after getting home 11:15ish last night, I got awoken 14 times by the beeper until about 2AM. Being oncall is a deteriorating duty, and leaves me punched up for days.

Pending excitement: Dungeonmaster opens a trial show at the LA Connection venue in Sherman Oaks, CA later Friday night. And then on Saturday, I'll be running the World of the Three Moons. Bridget took me to task for not putting on a good game; she reports boredom and lack of understanding of the situation. These are intolerable errors on my part, but I have several ideas to deal with them, and I'll implement them starting Saturday. As two of the players are LiveJournal readers, I'm not going to discuss it here, but teasing them is fun!
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