February 23rd, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

another few days go by

Let's see.

I've dumped reading any more by Susan R. Matthews, as I seem to find myself getting less and less interested in the character's activities, wants and desires. I had hopes of the tales turning around, but it just didn't happen, so, off to the used book store with them.

Friday night was the debut of Dungeonmaster at the L.A. Connection, a venue typically used by fledgling comics to practice the trade of improv. The crowd was good, the response enthusiastic, and all-in-all, it was first rate. I can't wait to hear when we can be there next.

Saturday, I ran my World of the Three Moons game. The players got embroiled in a bit more intrigue, mostly their own fault. Much of the day's activities were player to player, with only two combats in 8 hours or so of playing time. There weren't any complaints, however, and things went well.

Today, off to shear off some of my locks, and then to one or two nursing homes to see a couple of people.
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