March 6th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

DSL crash

Apparently there was a major crash of DSL circuits in the LA area, leaving me bereft of internet access this morning. Had to do my catchup during lunchtime at one of the hospitals. Good thing that they make access available in the Doctor's Cafeterias or in the Doctor's Lounges in many hospitals these days.

Last few days have been big lazing about and watching DVD days. I popped in a used DVD I found for $5 somewhere of Full Metal Jacket to be disgusted to realize that it was a pan & scan piece of shit. Watched it anyway, and found myself more disgusted with the sentiment in it than I recall being in the past when I saw it. A pity, as I like (or at least, thought I liked) Kubrick's works.

Last night I really needed a boost, and put the Harry Potter DVD on. Bridget fed me homemade hummus and pita (yes, freshly made hummus and freshly made pita from scratch! Oh My God! A feast of prodigious proportions!), and we curled up on the Comfy Chair to see if Valdemort wins this time. (Countdown to the release of book 5, anyone?) For that matter, DVD2 is expected next month.........

Today, when I finally did see my email, I found one routed to me via, which I generally ignore, but this one was from an old student (I tutored), girlfriend, and friend, who had dropped off the face of the Earth somewhere south and west of me. She's now remarried, and was searching out folks that she'd found previously, but she'd had a harddrive crash and lost all addresses. Connected as well, and I think I'll send her the LJ link.

Oncall today....*sigh*.
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