March 12th, 2003

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The flow of time washes away the hours.


Could be a better use of verbiage, don't you think.

In this case, I'm definitely working for the weekend, as there's going to be my Rolemaster game on Saturday, though with an unknown, but limited number of gamers involved, and then on Sunday is going to be Dungeonmaster at the L.A. Connection venue in Sherman Oaks (whooo-hooo). I need either or both to rocket my energy level to acceptable from the level of ass-dragging its at now.

The new Dungeonmaster trailer is very good. It can be seen at, and it actually has a couple of shots of me, vaguely costumed (all right, plumed hat at least).

I have several plans to implement in my game to the consternation of the assembled gamers (*evil chuckle*). More hints and discussion about that will have to be seen in the World of the Three Moons yahoogroup.

I'm slow to react to the national pasttime of chewing over the Iraq plans, but I'm beginning to think that Bush the younger doesn't hold a candle to his Daddy. At this point in the Gulf War, the US forces were joined by warriors of more than a dozen other nations, including former Soviet nations, and even (*gasp*) France. OK, so it was the Foreign Legion, what do you think; that they'd risk voters in the desert? However, all Bush the younger can manage is the British, and in so doing, it appears that he's destroying the career of Blair.

I'm not sure what this all means to me, yet, but I'm beginning to think that rushing into combat is going to be a mistake. I've heard something about this (NPR?) in which a combat veteran is comparing the situation to the Gulf War and then to Somalia, and he states that he's afraid that we're heading into a clone of the events of Somalia, as brilliantly portrayed by Black Hawk Down. I think that jelled it for me, because I find myself more and more uneasy about the upcoming conflict.

Don't know what more to do, than just express myself.
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