March 13th, 2003

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Punchy as I am the day after being oncall, I found myself pondering weapons of mass destruction. Who has used them? In WWI, Germans, British, French and Austrians used gas on each others armies. Did the Italians? Russians? Americans? I don't know. I believe, in the 1930s, the Italians used gas on the Ethiopians. Did the Spanish forces in their Civil War use them? I can't recall, but for some reason the thought itches the back of my head. In WWII, the Japanese used bacteriological warfare on the Chinese, and a report I heard on the History Channel suggests that the plagues released on the rural Chinese populace are still running their courses, 6 decades later. Then, US/German/British forces used mass bombing techniques, though each individual weapon wasn't "mass destruction" was just the effect of dozens of bombers dropping their payloads all at one time. Then, Germans used gas to mass slaughter Jews, mentally deficient, Gypsies, and lots of other folks they considered subhuman. Hiroshima/Nagasaki....

Later in the century, Iraq used gas on their own populace as well as on Iranians.

A number of nations stockpile nukes: US, Russian, France, UK, Pakistan, India. South Africa had them, but gave them up unused. Rumor has it that N.Korea, Israel, and maybe Iran has them. And several nations that rose from the ashes of the Soviet Empire may or may not still have them. (Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus).

So, I'm trying to grasp at what's the point of all this...? It just shows that if a nation has it, it might just use it if they think it is in their interest. I think that of all of these, that South Africa is the nation to be complimented....and maybe (if they've really disarmed) the former Soviet Republics.

I'm getting more and more uncomfortable with the arguments put forward for the disarmament of Iraq; that they will give these weapons to terrorist organizations. Hey, the former Soviet Republics are much more likely to do that in exchange for cash; or if Iran has weapons, or is about to make weapons, they are much more likely to share these out. So, why is this so important that the best of our troops are hovering on the borders of Iraq. The longer this goes on, the less comfortable I am with all the pro arguments.

Again, drifting thoughts; no decisions; just uncomfortable with the whole enchilada.
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