March 17th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat

Weekend Update (of a sort)

Much happened last weekend, thus leaving me with little time to do anything about it. Friday night was an opportunity to crash and rest a bit. Saturday, however, turned into an expedition. Due to the rain, we saw many wrecks along our route. I've never been to Montrose before, but we stopped by there and dropped off fliers for Dungeonmaster, which appeared well-received, though they were all boardgamers, and less likely to have an interest in RPG-style activities. (Kevin was with us as we were carpooling.) From there, we ended up at a quilt store, which my wife had never been to before, but she sniffed it right out. A modicum of fabric was purchased, some of which will become a shirt for me which is likely to burn your retinas right out.

Next, on to Liz & Mike's for The World of the Three Moons. A lot of creativity was shown by the various players, especially Nicco, who is playing an Orc named Mogg: a Mystic of low level but highly thoughtful, and he manages to overcome his low power with well-thought-out magic rituals. It's a pleasure to have him playing in the game. This kept us busy for about 8-9 hours (none of those 18 hour marathons anymore). Bridget made crockpot bbq ribs; Kevin made 16 bean soup with Italian sausage....the food is so much better in gaming these days! TheFreak missed it, I'm sure to his dismay.

Sunday was another rest day until the afternoon. girlwonder01, Kevin, forestcats and I all went to Dungeonmaster in 2 vehicles, as we were carting the keyboard and setup for the show. Got there a bit in advance, and I handled the front desk; including helping people write up characters for the show, and collecting money for the tickets. I forgot to count as they went in, but I estimate 34 paying customers. The show was pretty amusing, though TheFreak was nearly killed by the Dungeonmaster for throwing a real chainmail coif and striking the poor cast member in the groin. I expect his retribution to be slow and insidious... (-;

Also on Sunday, I finished a book by Steven Saylor, called Catilina's Riddle. It is a mystery set in Rome, at the time of the rising of Julius Caesar. It was an interesting read, leaving me wanting to learn a bit more detail about the ancient world. This is book 3 of a series of novels; I've started #4 (The Venus Touch), and I'm likely to be reading the series for the next few weeks. Other authors that I've encountered that write in this general era include Lindsey Davis and John Maddox Roberts (the latter of whom I have not read much; the former's work I love).

And back to work!
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