March 28th, 2003

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More Ruminations

It occured to me as I was driving thither and yon yesterday that there's been a lack of communication between the peace demonstrators and the pro-troop (pro-war?) demonstrators. I tried to look at it objectively, and I think I have a vague clue about it....

The peace demonstrators appear to be working from a base assumption that "War Is Bad". I think that there's some real basis for this-war is horrible, demeaning, destructive, terrifying, and any number of other emotionally charged, negatively connotated words. Wars have caused a number of divisive periods in this nation's history.

But is all war bad? Was WWII bad? Should we have simply hidden in the continental US after Pearl Harbor? Should we have allowed the North Korean invasion of the South to stand? Were we right or wrong to come to the aid of Kuwait after it was overrun by Iraqis? These are actually very hard questions...there was one congresswoman who voted against the declaration of war in Dec 1941.

The pro-troop movement seems to be saying that some wars are appropriate. I think one of the philosophical conundrums of the 20th Century was what constitutes a worthy war. I could wax philosophic as to why Vietnam was not, and Kuwait was, but the Great Question right now is: Is this a Good War? I'm still struggling with that answer, and I have to admit, I don't have one.

My biggest problem with the war right now is that I'm writhing in discomfort because I see mistakes being made by our command structure, and I fear that these mistakes will be paid for by our young men and women out there in the desert, or in the streets of Baghdad.....not to mention that I fear and loathe the thought that Iraq may release the chemical weapons that everyone knows that they have within the confines of Baghdad....and the subsequent slaying of thousands (millions?) of their own civilians. A horrifying thought......
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It came to me in a dream:

Saddam Hussein is using a game plan right out of the Stalin Playbook. When the Nazi Germans invaded the Soviet Union in 6/1941, Stalin rapidly abandoned the Communist rhetoric and began trumpeting the cause of defending Holy Mother Russia. This brought many to his side who might have tried to avoid service if he'd demanded them to defeat the Nazis in the name of the Communist Party. If you listen to what the Iraqis leaders are saying, and what the Iraqi People are responding, it sounds very much like it is working. Heck, I seem to recall that the advancing Germans also made it out that they had come to remove the Communist Party and to let the Russian People gain their freedom. Not that it helped them any. I wonder if anybody in the Pentagon considered this history lesson.
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