March 29th, 2003

Dead Dog Cat


Another random thought:

The Coalition race to Baghdad strikes me as being much too much like the advance of the Napoleonic French Coalition forces towards Moscow, which the Russians burned in front of the advancing troops, and where no supplies could be found. Yes, I know that Napoleonic armies lived off the land, and modern armies can't. Yes, I know that we've proven (with the Berlin Airlift) that we can supply large numbers by air. Still, I keep having this pictures in my mind of the retreat from Moscow in 1812...or the British retreat from Kabul in the late 19th century....or the German defeat at the gates of Moscow in 1941-each because of overconfidence of the general staff of the nation in question; undersupply of soldiers and supplies. Sound familiar? If I hear one more time "Coalition forces are within 50 miles of Baghdad...", I think I'm going to throw up. Notice, this respite has now stretched to over 4 days long....not a good sign at all.
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